Welcome To The School of Feminine Divinity

Throughout history, the sacred essence of femininity has been systematically dismantled, obliterated, and overshadowed by patriarchal structures that seek to exert control over women in society. However, the School of Feminine Divinity emerges as a beacon of hope, aiming to restore and reestablish the powerful presence of the divine feminine on our planet.

If you are seeking to add more happiness, enjoyment, and creativity to your life by connecting with the spiritual mothers, then you have come to the correct location. The school of feminine divinity is here to assist you in healing and developing your bond with the Divine Feminine. It offers the education necessary to align you with your life's purpose, live in tune with your soul's guidance, and prepare for leadership in feminine spirituality within your community.

Learn more about our feminine spirituality courses, circles and programs below.

Red Rose Women's Circle

The Red Rose Woman's Circle offers valuable teachings on cultivating a strong connection with the Divine feminine. By exploring various feminine deities from different cultures, you can discover the blessings that these divine mothers bring when approached with love, trust, and openness.

Every month, we will embark on a journey with a different Divine Mother energy. This journey will support our personal healing and guide us towards true joy and lasting fulfillment in our lives.

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Priestesses of the Light

The Priestesses of Light Initiation offers a transformative journey for spiritual women and healers who are drawn to guiding others on the path of Divine Feminine healing and remembrance. Through this training, you will unlock your sacred gifts, nurture your soul's guidance, establish a connection with the divine mothers, and develop the skills to become a spiritual leader for women in your community

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